Yo! I'm a native Californian who is passionate about cosplay/costuming, drawing, spreading the love of Jesus Christ, music, and theatre. (Jack of all trades, master of none) I've been cosplaying since 2010, with my first convention being Anime Expo. I am currently attending school for costume design , interning as the costumer for my school's theatre and getting my general ed out of the way. Feel free to browse through my it, hate it, share it. Don't be afraid to drop me a message! ;3
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this morning, police raided Greater St. Mark school/church in Ferguson, MO (formerly called St. Sebastian’s Parish).

community members had been using it as a safe space and staging area. police claim that the church is violating housing codes by sheltering protesters, even though the pastor has said it isn’t true.

please please please boost this. help these organizers recover the supplies they lost, and share just how fucking far these cops will sink to make the people of Ferguson suffer.

the police are actually trying to go to hell

Plane doodles, aka Karkat and Dave look like they belong in a K-pop or 80’s boy band, and Kanaya is very distressed.


Shingekis at Matsuricon. I’m the saluting Hanji. Tag yourselves if you see yourselves!

Hitch: thejapanesemapletree
Rifle Jean: erinlindseyc
Halo Marco: spammyshadow

The one with the seven pages of dirkjake nonsense



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i hope u find someone that mindlessly plays with your hands and lightly strokes your legs and massages your back and plays with your hair and i hope that u feel like you’re home when u look at them



english is not my first language and all my life i thought brussel sprouts was the name of some celebrity

everyone is always like “i hate brussel sprouts” and all this time i was here thinking what the fuck did that poor guy do



my brother made a ‘hammock’ and has been watching tv like that for an hour

bless this child he will go far in life



my brother made a ‘hammock’ and has been watching tv like that for an hour

bless this child he will go far in life


[run boy run starts playing in the background]

no idea what the point of this thing is tbh… it’s sort of a response to this


The adventure continues…

I got a jar of dirkjake


Dirk works as a computer hacker for a sketchy underground organization unbeknownst to Jake who starts to worry about how paranoid Dirk gets about people being able to find them. Dirk moves them around a lot, begging Jake to trust him and being reduced to thankful tears every time Jake agrees to stay with him. This goes on for about two years and Jake begins to start questioning Dirk’s work, but Dirk doesn’t want to get Jake involved more than he already is and stays firmly quiet.

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May the force be ever in your favor, Harry.

Gandalf (The Chronicles of Narnia)

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God bless the cosplayers who buy full replica costumes. They support costume/prop makers from around the world.

God bless the cosplayers who throw together their costumes from charity shops and old clothes. Your resourcefulness and productivity is to be admired.

God bless the cosplayers who make their costumes from scratch. Your creativity and skill is incredible and inspiring.

God bless cosplayers, for letting us all for just one day be more than who we are.

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